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  • Accurate - Ensure accurate reporting & pinpoint positioning of your vehicles

  • Smart - Simplify the documentation process for employees and your business to fulfil tax administration requirements

  • Cost-Effective - Increase savings & reduce costs associated with vehicles used at work

  • Available - The ABAX TRIPLOG permanently communicates with secure servers. Vehicle position and driving data is continuously and automatically updated on our servers.

  • Easy to Install - You are up & running in minutes

The ABAX TRIPLOG is a smart solution for everyone using vehicles at work. It automatically documents all driving via GPS technology. With an ABAX TRIPLOG, you get the visibility required to control and reduce vehicle fuel costs, improve staff and vehicle efficiency and automate mileage records and time sheets.

TRIPLOG works in real-time - all the time. 



  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Supply Voltage from 7 to 30V 

  • Quality Certifications (CE, EMC R10 & IP69K) 

  • High Quality GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS & GSM Positioning 

  • 433MHZ & Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Communication

  • Over the Air Firmware Updates

  • Remove Diagnostics 

  • Accelerometer

  • Tamper Alert

  • usage Logging with a Digital or 0-30V Analog Input

  • Small Form Factor (46 x 46 x 18mm & 50g) 

  • Internal 500mAh Battery

The ABAX TRIPLOG can also function as a Wired Equipment Control Unit.

Rugged, reliable & cost-effective, the ABAX EQ Units are on-duty around the clock in all weather conditions. With ABAX EQ, you can see your assets live on a google integrated digital map and even track equipment usage. In the event of unit tampering or removal from a pre-defined area, a notification is delivered via SMS and/or email. If the equipment is lost or stolen, GPS positioning, GSM positioning and a radio-tracking beacon can be utilised to assist recovery.


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