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  • Cost-Effective - An affordable solution so you can have full control over your assets

  • Water-Resistant (IP67) & Versatile - Built for challenging environments & has a 3 year battery Life 

  • Easy to Install - You are up & running in minutes

  • Smart - Every vehicle that is connected to ABAX hardware creates a network that you can use to help find your assets

  • Available - ABAX MINI is shown on the same map as your other existing ABAX solutions, which are available on any web-enabled device (PC, Tablet & Mobile) 

How often are your power tools and portable equipment misplaced? If they are not found, how much does it cost to replace them? The ABAX MINI is a smart, cost-effective way to track power tools & portable equipment. With ABAX MINI you always have the last known position of your tools & equipment. 

The Small, rugged, water resistant (IP67) unit is discreetly attached and activated by pressing a single button. The unit is self-powered and utilises the latest power-conserving technology, offering a battery life span that will last an incredible 3 years.

The ABAX MINI uses Bluetooth and the ABAX Global Network for location reporting. This means that if the ABAX MINI is within a 35 metre radius of ABAX hardware, either yours or another customer, the ABAX MINI's position will automatically update in your system.

Pricing Guide
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