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About Us

Track, protect and monitor your valuable plant, trailers and equipment with Contact Plant Ltd. We provide the best plant and tool tracking devices on the market from ABAX - Global Innovators of Telematics & Tracking Technology. 

Contact Plant Limited has been founded purely to take on crime in the Construction & Landscape Industry and is subsidised by ABAX to offer even more affordable solutions just for this industry.

Darren Aaron (JKS UK Ltd) and Brian Brady (Accura Diamond Tools) are seasoned experts in the construction & landscape industry and with their combined expertise can offer bespoke solutions, primed for the needs of companies within this sector.

“Tool theft is plaguing the construction industry
with more than half of builders in the UK having
had their tools stolen, according to new research
by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).”

Imagine a LOW COST solution!

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Contact Plant Limited is an Agent for ABAX - Suppliers of Innovative Telematic Solutions.



Plant machinery can be expensive and is a prime target for criminals.


A GPS tracking device can provide an additional layer of protection and security, offer peace of mind and even lower insurance premiums.


Plant theft costs the construction industry £800m a year, can you afford to take the risk?

Receive Theft Alerts

Live positional updates every 60 seconds on our wired tool tracking devices with support from our team 24/7. If you opt for a wireless tool tracking device you’ll receive updates every 4, 6, 12 or 24 hours depending on how closely you wish to monitor your equipment. For extra security against theft, you can also create virtual geofences and receive an SMS alert if any unit is tampered with or leaves an area unauthorised.

Active & Accurate Tracking

If your machinery has power, our wired hardware can monitor engine hours and help to eliminate downtime through predictive maintenance, reports and alerts. Our plant and tool tracking device doesn’t clock off, with a roaming SIM card you’ll be able to check in on your equipment’s position at any time of day. Plus, you have a stronger chance of recovering those stolen assets instead of having to immediately replace them.

There will be no delays when you wish to check in on the location of your tools and equipment. ABAX tool tracking devices automatically connect to the strongest signal available to ensure your service isn’t disrupted.

Track via an App

If you’re always on the go, it’s good to know that everything can be managed via an app. Whether you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor where your equipment is in real-time even if you don’t have access to a computer.

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What if?

Your van has been broken into and
YOUR tools have been stolen.

The ABAX Mini has a three year
battery life (low battery message to
owner and free replacement sent)
and is so small it can be hidden within
or fixed onto your tool of choice – so
it is either not visible or difficult to

The ABAX Mini emits a pulse
signal searching for vehicle tracking
devices – of which there are tens
of thousands all over the UK road
network 24 hours a day / 7 days a

Once the ABAX Mini passes within
range (upto 35 meters) of a vehicle
with a tracking device fitted,
ABAX Mini uses the vehicle
tracker to send a position up to
Satellite – taking into account it’s
position relative to the vehicle. This
gives the exact position of YOUR tool
so you can follow it for retrieval or
report its exact location to the Police.

Log Usage

Plant machinery and equipment tracking is more than live location and theft recovery. With a tracking device comes data that can also increase efficiency and lower costs by providing historical reports, servicing alerts direct to your mobile and predictive maintenance based on engine hours.

What Can be Covered by a Plant and Tool Tracking Device?

Plant Machinery 

Ensure your plant machinery is used correctly and remains on-site with a plant tracking device. Install the device on anything from forklifts to excavators and ensure you’re always covered. You can also monitor usage hours and improve efficiency across the site. 

Equipment and Tools 

With small tool tracking software, you’ll know exactly where those important and expensive pieces of equipment are at all times. From drills to saws, you can also ensure these are stored correctly and only used at agreed hours. Our tool tracking device is discreet and secure and won’t get in the way of the work being carried out, plus it can be easily installed yourself and monitored while on the go via the supporting app.


Ensure trailers aren’t sitting idle or are misplaced with one of our tracking devices. You can also use your tracking unit to increase its protection against theft and also to produce digital delivery trails that can improve your business’s environmental standards, as you reduce the need for manual paperwork. 







MINI Cropped img.jpg

The ABAX MINI is a smart, cost-effective way to track power tools & portable equipment. With ABAX MINI you always have the last known position of your tools and equipment! 

Triplog Cropped Img.jpg

The ABAX TRIPLOG is a smart solution for everyone using vehicles at work. It automatically documents all driving via GPS technology. With an ABAX TRIPLOG, you get the visibility required to control and reduce vehicle fuel costs, improve staff and vehicle efficiency and automate mileage records and time sheets. TRIPLOG works in real-time - all the time. 

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ABAX Driver ID is an essential add-on for companies that operate vehicles that are shared by multiple drivers.

By identifying which driver is in which vehicle, ABAX Driver ID will help you get the additional control, accountability and compliance you need to manage your pool fleet.

When a driver switches to a new vehicle, they simply log on by using an in-vehicle RFID reader or our app. All driver and vehicle data is then conveniently logged and organised to give you instant control over your live map, trips, driving behaviour data and reports.

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Rugged, reliable & cost-effective, the ABAX Equipment Control (EQ) units are on duty 24/7 in all weather conditions. With ABAX EQ, you can see your assets live on a Google integrated digital map and even track equipment usage, GPS positioning, GSM positioning with geofencing capabilities.


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